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What position does OP stand for in volleyball? - Answers

What position does OP stand for in volleyball? - Answers. The "op" is short for "opposite". Most of the time, it's seen as"Opp", or "RS", which is short for "Right Side" because oppositeand right...

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Updated March 08, 2019. The opposite position gets its name because this player is placed opposite of the setter in the rotation. The opposite plays on the right side in the front and back row. Because of the location on the court, the opposite may be responsible for some setting when the setter is unavailable.

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Opposite hitters earned that title because they are opposite to the strong (left) side hitter, meaning they hit behind the setter. In a 6-1, just like an outside hitter, an opposite has the option to play all the way around, passing, playing defense, and hitting out of the back row.

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Attack: The offensive act of hitting the volleyball. Attacker: Also called "hitter" or "spiker". An offensive player who tries to hit the ball to end a play and ultimately earn a point for his team. Back Court: The space from the end line to the attack line. Back Row Attack: A back row player attacks the ball.

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In professional volleyball opposites along with setters have traditionally been the highest paid individuals - those are volleyball positions in most demand. Setter The setter is the playmaker, point guard or the quarterback of the volleyball team.

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Volleyball has so many unique terms, statistics, and abbreviations, you can easily get lost in all the vocabulary. Many of the expressions used have multiple meanings and some may be regional meanings or variations in a particular geographic area. The following is an alphabetical list of volleyball terminology and acronyms.

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Hi! I’ve been laying volleyball for 6 years I’m entering into my 5th season of club volleyball . I’ve gone through many try outs and the best advice I have for you is to be loud, like cheering on other players and calling for your passes and attacks, and being a moldable player, listening to coaches advice, paying attention to instructions, and always trying your best.

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Volleyball: A sport in which teams of two or six, separated by a net, attempt to ground a ball on the opponent’s side of the net. The game we love! The game we love! “W”