Most people believe that UI and UX are one and the same. But the reality is far from it! The Creative Bureau lets you know

We at The Creative Bureau have seen that most clients and business owners are somewhat confused when it comes to UX & UI. To clear the confusion once and for all, we would like to share this article with our readers, which will help them better understand how UX & UI are different and their association with each other.

Let us start with off by saying that both UX and UI regardless being a components of the design process, are completely different and requires different approaches and mindsets. Basically both of them have remarkable different ways of thinking and train of thoughts.
User Experience or UX in short, is the area of digital design with which we react and interact. UX emphasizes on making a product easier to use. Its intent is to make the entire form follow unction and not the other way around. It is an essential process which helps clearly define the customer or user journey of a digital product. It focuses more on making the product’s experience better, regardless of the look of the product. One can also go as far as to say that UX is the backend for the UI of a digital product.
UI or User Interface on the other hand is the visual part or rather aspect of the digital design process. This is the thing that we or the users see. UI follows the brand’s original design philosophy and is more focuses towards presentation and overall visual appeal. Basically, it is the path which a user can follow to reach a desired goal or action.

UX intends to tap into the target user’s emotions and guides the users towards the goal or action. Its purpose is to make the product easier to understand and use and thus involves understanding the user’s mindset and preferences. The UX process also involves creating several user personas or categories, establishing the smoother and the most intuitive user/customer journey, followed by prototyping and users testing to find bugs and glitches.

To conclude, UI is simply the many bits and pieces of a digital product, not just websites and mobile apps, but also the individual elements that goes in them. Whereas, UX is what defines the placement of each individual UI element and define the over all look, feel of the vibe of the final product.

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