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From inception to burial in a vast digital playground, blogs in a top SEO company in India – or anywhere – can be categorized into 5 major sections. The Creative Bureau has detailed these for your reading pleasure!

  1. Research

The best seo companies don’t get to be that way by simply putting out content. At The Creative Bureau, we believe in researching before putting our thoughts down on paper – or pad. Keyword research is imperative for any SEO company that wants their article to place high on a search results page.

  1. Content

Whether you’re an SEO company or a social media marketing company, content is always king. You don’t have to be writing about the most exciting topics, but it should seem like you are! Keep your language simple and your message clear. Build anticipation and use crisp graphics to reach  the sweet spot between text and visuals.

  1. Graphics

Speaking of graphics, it is very important that you pick an image relevant to your written content. There is nothing more off putting than looking at an image with no context. An image is worth a thousand words, but it’s worthless if they tell a different story.

  1. Publish

Finally! You’ve managed to create a truly interesting, read-worthy blog. Time to post it right? Wrong. This is where top seo companies differ from the rest. SEO marketing generates mostly organic (unpaid) reach. This means the timing of your post plays heavily on who you are targeting. Different market segments such as teens, adults, children, male or female all have preferred times when they use social media platforms. Find your target audience and post accordingly.

  1. Insights

The post-mortem analysis of an article is crucial to effective digital marketing. There is no point writing article after article, if it is reaching no one! Generating insights can help you understand your reach and even identify target markets!

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