7 Social Media Marketing trends to look out for in 2018 – The Creative Bureau report

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Social media is constantly evolving, forcing social media marketing in India to evolve too. The Creative Bureau has been tracking some of the most interesting changes social media companies are experiencing today! Here is what you need to know about trends in 2018.

It’s all gone mobile!
No surprises here. As internet usage shifted to social media apps, so too did the platform. Everything today is accessed through smartphones, so it’s probably time to make sure your website is mobile responsive!
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Chatbots used to be simple customer support tools, but they have taken an interesting turn – into social media marketing! These chatbots can track recent purchases and present to you related products on the fly!

Is it real?
Filters and augmented reality (AR) were made popular by Snapchat. They are now invading social media marketing in India, with virtual stores presenting an entirely new world of marketing – literally!

Organic reach; do not resuscitate?
Unfortunately for digital marketers everywhere, organic reach is at a steady decline. Facebook has tried to address this falling market by adjusting their algorithms to include friends and family first – but the trend doesn’t look positive. What this means for search engine optimization companies – focus on the quality of content!

Temporary Content
With ever dwindling attention spans and an overabundance of ads, users are more actively engaging through short-lived content. The biggest social media companies employing these practices are Instagram – through the story mode, and Snapchat – through snaps.

Maximize your influence
Influencers play a heavy role in marketing today. Affiliate marketing is on the rise as the support of an active social media influencer can generate massive traffic and engagement!

Lights. Camera. Action!
How many times have you found yourself scrolling through Instagram, only to stop at an interesting looking video? These quick loading and to-the-point videos are extremely effective at catching user interest. Furthermore, we have found that live videos have a much wider reach than pre-recorded ones!

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