Changes in social media platforms 2018. A study by The Creative Bureau.

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Dynamic creative + dynamic languages optimization -> creative used to find the best combinations of image, headers and text. Dynamic languages used to publish in different languages without providing translations for each
Focus on friend and family content, throttling brand content in the news feed algorithm
Email and phone search options removed -> to prevent scrubbing of personal info

1hour ads
Following hashtags -> anything you’re interested in will be displayed in main feed by simply following # instead of people
Business accounts -> if they don’t get immediate engagement, they are shown to fewer people as a result

Removed features from the search for low paid (such as years of exp, seniority level, etc) -> moved to search navigator, a premium feature
Sales Navigator has options to track senior leadership changes within organizations

The most recent redesign – people hated but got used to it
Call to actions can be introduced in snapchat AR lenses

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