Content and/or Graphics: How the best SMO companies use them

best SMO companies

As a top social media marketing company in India, The Creative Bureau has been repeatedly asked, “Should I be focusing on content or on graphics?” The answer is not that straightforward. Any good SMO company understands you require a healthy mix of both to generate sensational content! But not to take away from your preferred way of marketing, we have represented the pros and cons of both ways of thinking.

Content vs Graphics

For a lot of social media companies, content and graphics are not always mutually exclusive.
The pros: This a cost effective method of marketing for clients that have a limited budget allocated to digital marketing. There are no constraints on quality; singular focus on one or the other (content or graphics) means there can be a lot more iterations till clients find a perfect solution. Eg: Billboard posters can create a lot of traffic without need of much content.

The cons: Social media marketing in India relies heavily on graphic heavy content. A majority of people today are visual learners and text-heavy content can cause such customers to turn away. Conversely, simply putting out graphic after graphic can be a let down for more seasoned investors looking for concrete stats and figures to make a decision.

Content & Graphics

At The Creative Bureau we like to encourage an integrated content and visual marketing strategy to best maximize your reach.

The pros: Customer engagement is generated much more easily due to presence of both visual aids and detailed stats and figures. Capture all your target audiences with a strategically placed post; draw them in with your attention stealing graphic and floor them with relevant and interesting content. Eg: Infographics are a healthy mix of both content and graphics – and they’re fun to read!

The cons: Not all social media companies are adequately able to provide both content and graphics, without compromising on quality. Costs are higher to run content and visual marketing campaigns in conjunction to each other. The biggest risk of all is losing customers by doing too much – an over the top graphic can divert customer focus, while even perfectly created graphics can’t save boring content.

The Creative Bureau is known to be an industry leader in social media marketing in India and no matter which marketing strategy you opt for, we have the perfect solution for you! To find out more, visit our site at

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