Best Social Media Agency In Gurgaon

There’s no denying that one of the biggest requirements for any business these days is a strong social media presence. Industries have started going by the statement – ‘if it is not on social media, it doesn’t exist!’

In this scenario, a lot of social media agencies have set their foot in the industry in metro cities. Social media agency in Delhi, and Gurgaon etc. have been brimming.

One of the best social media agency in Gurgaon is The Creative Bureau. But before we go further, let’s understand what a social media agency is;

What is a social media agency?

Social media agency in Gurgaon use social media platforms to promote their products or services. In the past few years, social media marketing has become very popular as it is a very effective, and widely used platform.

  What do social media agencies do?

A social media company will use various social media platforms to promote your company, your products and services. They will take over most, or all of your social handles and take complete responsibility of your organizations’ social media marketing.

Services offered by a social media company branch out into a variety. Below mentioned are a few;

Social media publishing – The social media company that you hire will take over all your social media handles. They’ll use them to publish posts on your behalf. They will initially set fixed number of posts to be made very week, or month, for each social media medium. These posts are finalized basis research, analysis and current trends of the social media with relation to your product or service. Contact The Creative Bureau, the best social media marketing company in Gurgaon. 

  • Campaigns Social Media Company helps your organization to run social media campaigns or paid ads. What needs to understood here is that running a campaign and running a profile is not the same. While profiles are made and postings are done on them to keep the engagement alive, campaigns are run with a pre-defined objective. This can be improving leads, generating followers, creating awareness or anything else. The Creative Bureau is the top social media optimisation company in Gurgaon.   
  • Engagement – Your social media agency will be completely responsible for driving engagement to your social media handles. In most cases social media company uses an engagement software as they don’t just cater to one organization. They help companies manage their responses across the various social media platform. Make the best social media marketing company in Gurgaon, The Creative Bureau your one stop for your social media requirements.

The social media company you hire will also create social media profiles for you if needed.

The best social media agency in Gurgaon provides you competitor analysis, researched data and strategies to move forward.

Visit our website, and schedule a meeting with the best social media agency in Gurgaon today!

Dominating Social Media Marketing Trends Identified by Social Media Marketing Company in Gurgaon

It is astonishing that a year has already passed and we’re all set to start a new chapter.
As far as digital media marketing is concerned, some trends we vouched for last year are well established now, while some are steadily growing.

Looking at the new possibilities this year is bringing, there are some major trends which can dominate the social media marketing trends in 2019. We being a social media marketing company in Gurgaon would like to highlight these trends to you –  

    • Video content – Video content has been at a rise for a couple of years now. Even in 2019, the video content is here to stay! If predictions are to believed, 80% of what we consume will soon be video. Video content has become popular to the point of live streaming. People now go live on social media handles on videos, and the appreciation and popularity is crazy! This definitely going to be a major social media marketing trend in 2019.  
      The ease with which it can be consumed make is so attractive for the users. We being a social media marketing in Gurgaon can help you with your SMO requirements.
    • Micro Influencers – Influencers have been an ideal option for social media marketing in recent years. It has rather been more of a trend now. These influencers have millions of followers and their posts are instantly viewed by people more than any TV advertisements can hope for.

      But with the increasing number of influencers, the prices charged for their services have been spiralling. This has lead businesses to explore newer options like micro influencers. These influencers have comparatively lesser followers, and are genuinely interested in what these influencers are doing and appreciate their content. This makes these influencers expert in their niches.

      Since they are so-what small scaled, they’re more humble, genuine, down to earth and obviously trustworthy. This has attracted digital advertisers and we’re vouching for this social media marketing trend in 2019. We stand on a firm ground for social media marketing company in Gurgaon and can address your needs.
    • Mobile responsive websites are a must – Saying it out loud – if your websites are not mobile responsive, you’re losing out on organic rankings and audience. Adding more information to your hats, Google has very clearly announced that it will penalize sites that are not mobile friendly.

      In case you’ve been taking it rather lightly, it is time to re-order your priorities and implement a mobile-site strategy, ASAP! Allow us to help you with website building, being the top social media marketing company in Gurgaon. This is going to be a major social media marketing trend in 2019.


  • Voice search – Let us just agree that Alexa’s and Siri’s of this world have changed the way we search information online. More and more people are using voice search on their smartphones, and other gadgets. Considering the radical growth of this trend, marketers have started to build strategies around voice tech and have been accelerating on the adoption of this social media marketing trend.


  • Stories continue to grow in popularity – Introduced with a concept similar to that of Snapchat, stories have been a majorly appreciated and used trend. Not only Instagram, but Facebook and WhatsApp have also absorbed this idea and is no longer a novelty now.

    Stories are easily consumable, and resonate well with the current content consumption patterns. Allow this social media marketing company in Gurgaon to address your SMO concerns.

    They’re short, user-generated and easy to use content, created very easily on your smartphone, and are available for 24 hours. The user-friendliness, and ease of consumption make it a major social media marketing in 2019.

Social media will constantly evolve, and so will the social media         marketing   trends.

As you plan your social media marketing strategies, it is important to choose the right people to help you with is. Visit our website today for further help

Best SEO Practices Adopted By SEO Companies In Gurgaon

SEO is undoubtedly the most cost-effective way to bring organic visitors to your website. You can achieve great results and new visitors dramatically with the right SEO practices. Reach out to the best SEO Company in Gurgaon for best SEO services.

High quality content – It is rightly said that content is the king. Irrespective of the niche, the articles you write will always prove to be helpful and provide guidance. Do your research well and see how the content ranks high in Google, for your keywords. This is where digital marketing companies come into play. Hire the best digital marketing company in Gurgaon for all your content related requirements. The Creative Bureau is one of the best SEO Company in Gurgaon and is your one stop for all SEO services.

Keyword research – There’s absolutely no point in writing content without keywords. Before you start writing your blogs or articles perform your keyword research. Focus on the keywords that have a higher search volume. If optimized rightly, you can get ample traffic from keywords, even the ones with less search volume. The Creative Bureau aims at providing you best SEO services and hence is the best SEO Company in Gurgaon.

Promotion through guest blogging – Guest blogging has endless benefits. organic reach and traffic, and speedy backlinking to name a few are some of the wondrous yet underrated benefits of guest blogging. Reach out to us with all your SEO requirements and we shall provide you with the best SEO services, as we are the top search engine optimization company in Gurgaon.

Keeping backlinks tracked – Keeping a track of your backlinks is as important as building them. The better and higher quality links you have, the more you will rank better. This is why it is important to monitor your backlinks. We’re sure you don’t want to be a case of negative SEO, do you? To avoid such situations, contact The Creative Bureau. We are the best SEO Company in Gurgaon and provide unmatched results.

Using smart URLs – Creating smart URLs means keeping it short and simple but also including the main keywords. Limiting the number of characters is a wiser approach. Using hyphens to maintain a consistency is also a great way towards creating smart URLs. But what if we told you that we can do all of this for you! Being the best digital marketing company in Gurgaon, we provide the best SEO services.

Content duplication – Duplicate content is a website’s worst enemy. Plagiarism is a very serious concern and websites can even be penalized for it. Unique content goes a long way. Keep posting newer and fresher content on your website and remove duplicated content, if any. Same is the case with Meta titles and descriptions – create SEO friendly Meta descriptions for optimum results. Or even better – leave all of this to the best SEO Company in Gurgaon.

These are small practices but can help you a lot, in the long run and help you increase your traffic, organically. For best SEO services, contact The Creative Bureau.

Best Services Offered by Digital Marketing Company in Gurgaon

‘If it’s not digital, it doesn’t exist’ is a very fitting statement in present day scenario. Almost all modern day businesses have a digital footprint in the World Wide Web today. Be it a full-fledged business, or a simple language class, almost every business, big or small has their own identity in the digital world.

But it is not just a digital presence that an organization needs, rather a sizeable following, and an impactful identity.

If done smartly, digital marketing can open new doors to a whole new group of audience you never even knew existed! It is the most practical business promotion technique being excellently convenience and gives superb results.

We live in a competitive world, and with an extreme growth rate in digital marketing, there’s a cut-throat competition in this industry. Metro cities have made sure to up their game and have become hubs to digital marketing companies. One such city is Gurgaon.
If you’re looking for best digital marketing company in Gurgaon, you’re at the right place.

With a variety of services and proven results, The Creative Bureau is undoubtedly the best digital marketing company in Gurgaon.
Spreading their wings across seven service verticals, is not only the best digital marketing company in Gurgaon, but also the most elaborate in terms of services offered.

The Creative Bureau offers services across –

Digital Marketing

All your digital needs under one roof will be met by the most talented, dedicated, responsible and driven team.

Digital Marketing –
Right from devising a digital strategy, to executing through SEO, Social Media Marketing, Designing, Branding, Photography and what not. Take a sigh of relief as we handle all the digital needs of your organisation.

Advertising –
Be it radio, television or print advertising, The Creative Bureau has everything planned and sorted for you. Instagram or Facebook Marketing, SMS or Email Marketing, PPC or Retail Marketing, The best digital marketing company in Gurgaon does it all.

Events –
Right from launch programs to marketing the event, we’ll surely make your event talk of the town!

Production –
Photography, video shoots and video editing. Be it pre-production or post- production, we’ve got your back.

Is it influencer marketing you’re looking for? Or news wires, or brand communications? Well we offer a significant number of PR services like newspaper and magazine stories, celebrity management, corporate communications, Digital PR, blogger outreach and a few more. If you’re looking for a PR agency that understands your need and completely justifies them, you’re at just the right place.

Tech –
Wanting to develop a website, or maintain it? Wanting to develop and design an app? Well join hands with us as we offer you website designing, UX, website development, E newsletter, app designing and development for your tech desires.

Designing –
Be it a logo, brochure, flyer, banner, menu, poster or anything else. The best digital marketing company in Gurgaon will provide it all to you.

Highly competitive strategies and best services paired up with proven results make us the best digital marketing company in Gurgaon. Visit our website and get in touch with us for further help.

A vital HTTPS guide for any and every web designing company

The emergence of online payment gateways left no room for compromised security measures, and this is where HTTPS picked up the slack, creating an encryption standard for the entire world to follow. For a web designing company used to traditional HTTP architecture, the switch to HTTPS isn’t a very difficult one, but it is a crucial one!

And for those just venturing into the world of website development, now is the perfect time to get started on HTTPS architecture, as future sites will undoubtedly be gearing up to incorporate this secure encryption standard. As a website design agency well versed in creating secure solutions, The Creative Bureau hopes you are able to follow our simple step by step guide to get your website up to date with this latest standard.

Step 1: Dedicated IP

Think of an IP address as a way to describe exactly where a website resides on the internet superhighway. But unlike a physical address, IP addresses may be shared by many other sites and web services. Dedicated IP addresses on the other hand, are solely configured to one website. To prevent your site traffic from getting diverted, the chosen web designing company should opt for a dedicated IP address.

Step 2: The SSL Certificate

Responsible for a secure and encrypted communications process between the browser and website, an SSL certificate is the defining feature of HTTPS. SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a standard that must be implemented on any page that asks for personal user data to be submitted, such as payment and login pages.

While SSL certificates can be created by yourself, these may not be recognized by the browser as legitimate HTTPS pages. The more reliable option is to purchase an SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority (CA). These certificates are usually sold in annual packages.

Step 3: Activation & Installation

While accomplished website design agencies can activate and install SSL certificates themselves, it is advised to not take any chances with your project! You can instead directly talk to the web hosting service that is responsible for hosting your website. They will activate and install the SSL certificate for your site within a day or two at most!

Step 4: Update Links

Almost done! The final step of the HTTPS process is simply updating your page links to reflect the HTTPS compliant URL. This can be done from your sitemap. Just be sure not to transform every single page to HTTPS as it is careless use of encryption, not to mention it can actually slow down your website. Pages that require user inputted data must be HTTPS, the rest can maintain an HTTP status.

Want to learn more about web designing company practices and trends? Head over to The Creative Bureau, an experienced website development and social media agency in Gurgaon, to fulfill all your needs !

How I learned to ace job interviews from a digital marketing agency in Gurgaon

After a host of failed job interviews and disappointing offers, I figured it was time to do something different. An active interest in marketing led me to blogs about social media marketing and eventually to a very peculiar digital marketing agency in Gurgaon.

They talked a lot about new and fascinating trends emerging in marketing industry. But it wasn’t the future that caught my attention, it was their past! Going through their success stories and case studies, a seed was planted in my mind, one that would grow to become a full fledged and self-tested theory. This is the story of how I learned to ace any job interview from a digital marketing agency in Gurgaon.

Step 1: Unique Selling Points (USPs)
The best digital marketing companies in Gurgaon will first identify unique selling points for a product and then create strategies for selling by focusing on these USPs. In my case, this meant identifying my strengths and then selling it to the person sitting across the desk from me! Can you guess what my strength was? (Hint: It wasn’t reading)

Step 2: Fulfilling Customer Needs
I quickly learned that the key to effective social media marketing was fulfilling a customer need or helping his/her daily routine become more comfortable. But many products don’t really have any inherent use! In this case it falls upon the digital marketing agency to create product appeal, to create a burning desire for the product!

So before any job interview, I would go over company reviews, all the job postings and try to identify what the company needed. I had started performing my very own market research!

Step 3: Keywords
Search Engine Optimization companies are responsible for performing blogging activities to draw traffic organically to a website. They do so with the help of keywords, which are commonly used words in search engine queries.

In my case these keywords were strong sounding, high impact words such as – productive, ambitious, confident, diligent… you get the idea. I also made sure to avoid words with any negative connotations.

Step 4: Capturing A Niche
When competing against marketing giants, digital marketing agencies often try to capture a niche market – i.e. a very focused market for specific product types. By doing so, they can focus efforts and provide a greater range of services within the niche.

Before any job interview, I would prepare my own niche – i.e. what made me different from other candidates. Sure they might have had more experience, but I had a unique way of looking at the world; I had found my niche.

For all you aspiring freshers out there, I wish you the very best of luck and hope this article was able to help you, if even in the slightest. And for those curious, I eventually ended up at the very same digital marketing agency in Gurgaon, The Creative Bureau!

The automation revolution in SEO services. Automated meta titles and more.

From the very first day SEO services came into being, they were was faced with fierce competition. Being anything short of spectacular would mean lost leads and reduced traffic numbers. While there is nothing wrong about placing second, when it comes to search engine optimization, not coming in first could mean losing out on sales and clicks.

SEO companies would like you to believe that there is some big secret behind what they do. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t take more than a few hours and a sharp tongue to come up with the meta titles and descriptions that define most of what blogging and SEO is today. In fact, if diving even deeper, it is easy to see that most blog description and titles could easily be scripted by machines, and that is exactly what the SEO of the future promises!

So while content may be king, there is a new entity fast approaching the throne, and it isn’t human! Let’s take a look at what automated SEO services can handle.

  • Meta Titles
    Generating witty and interesting lines, these automated meta titles are based on data about the most commonly clicked kinds for the relevant topic, which is then used to craft titles to lure in customers from nearly every demographic.
  • Meta Descriptions
    Similar to meta titles, automated descriptions are close to follow the automation suit. Manufactured straight out the minds of AI tech, these segments are perfectly tailored to build upon titles and create further intrigue. A perfect method of providing SEO services.
  • Robot.txt
    No longer do you need to sit through complicated lines of code, aiming to create a webpage that can be crawled by search engines like Google. Why spend so much time, when machine learning algorithms could perfectly optimize your site within seconds!
  • Sitemaps
    Another functionality of this amazing automated phenomenon is sitemap building! Creating sitemaps effortlessly, backlinks and all – perfectly captured!
  • Voice Search
    SEO companies find themself vastly unprepared for the inclusion of voice searches. As this new functionality hits the markets, SEO services need to adapt to parameters for voice queries, something that machine algorithms are already learning!

A Final Note
At the opposite end of the SEO services spectrum, lie Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), dealing exclusively with rankings and user queries. While Google’s result display algorithms are a strictly guarded secret, the existence of a machine learning algorithm, by the name of RankBrain has been confirmed by the Google crew! In another example of AI taking over SEO, RankBrain provides a majority of the functionality that provides us with the search results you see every time you hit enter on Google!

Learn more about SEO services from the best digital marketing company in Gurgaon – The Creative Bureau! Hit our website at:

How website designing companies use headers to attract visitors

The first thing visitors notice when they land on your website is the header. Impressions are made within the first 5 seconds of browsing a site, and first impressions are the longest lasting ones. Seeing this clearly emerging trend in user experience, website designing companies have started to create beautiful, immersive header designs that draw customers and increase the average time spent on site. The more time a visitor spends on site, the greater the chances of him/her turning into a customer!

While header formats are not set in stone, most web designing companies make sure to include the following in their design.

  • Company Logo
  • Site Navigation
  • Contact Information

Modern web designing companies on the other hand, have started straying from this norm, incorporating creative concepts such as those discussed below.

  • Interactive & Animated
    Recent years saw JavaScript animations gain huge popularity. For website headers, this meant the ability to directly script in animated, interactive designs without having to upload heavy, slow loading gifs or video clips! This allowed website development companies to create fun header designs that visitors instantly focus on
  • Minimalist
    The use of blank and negative spaces in header design not only presents an edgy new design style, but also guides the visitor’s focus to icons and information the website wishes to make known.
  • Hand Drawn
    Web designing companies have long been using hand drawn, cartoon style graphics to charm visitors. These hand drawn graphics and icons now head a little higher, increasingly making debuts on website headers. On adding a bit of animation, these cartoons come to life as your mouse hovers around them!
  • Themed
    One of our favorite modern styles till date, themed headers address the mistake most web designing companies make – treating headers as separate from the site! Themed sites however, have begun to seamlessly blend headers with the rest of the page, till a point at which you can’t tell when the header ends and the page starts!
  • Offers
    Who doesn’t enjoy a good deal? Ecommerce sites in particular, include offers and discount codes in the header itself, encouraging visitors to click on the offer link and redirect to discounted product pages!
  • Non-Traditional Placement
    The typical header? Logo on the left, followed by site navigation links and contact info on the far right. Breaking this monotony, newere header designs have seen company logos placed square centre, in the midst of navigation links, boldy standing out and declaring to the world the company brand!

Whether you’re looking for social media marketing, website development, or a simple chat on modern design trends, The Creative Bureau stands out as a top digital marketing agency in Gurgaon and one of the best website designing companies in India! Come visit us at:

What you need to know about that web designing company: Static vs Dynamic

Technical jargon and complicated coding references –  weapons in the arsenal of a dubious web designing company, used to confuse clients and mask their own ineptitude! The only way to counter such blatant disregard for honest communication, is to educate yourself.

But unlike these shady developers, The Creative Bureau is a website designing company which prides itself on transparent practices and straightforward communication with clients. We understand that most of our clients do not belong to a computer background, and ensure our level best to pitch development practices in a non-technical tone.

So read on and rest assured, you don’t need more than a basic grasp of technology to understand this article!

Two Types Of Websites

You may heard website design agencies throw around terms like static and dynamic. Let’s break it down.

  • Static
    Most websites have multiple pages. A static website design is one that uses HTML code and creates an individual set of code for every single page. So on static sites, a header section that is the same across every page, would mean the same bit of code copy and pasted on every individual page!
  • Dynamic
    Modern web designing companies usually create dynamic websites. These types of sites use the server’s own technology, through languages such as PHP, JSP, ASP, etc. In a dynamic site, coders create one single page, splitting it into sections that display on your browser as separate pages of a website.

Static Designs

Now that you have a better understanding of the two types of website design, let us take a look at the pros and cons of each, starting with static designs.

  • Advantages
    • Static websites are much faster to create than dynamic ones.
    • HTML is an inexpensive language, and so static sites are generally more cost effective to implement.
    • As every page has a separate set of coding, it allows for a lot of flexibility in design. Pages can be custom configured with special effects and varying designs possible across every section!
  • Disadvantages
    • Updating and modifying content is a huge pain, as it requires the website design agency to alter entire page codes, and those of related pages!
    • Scalability is a an issue. Adding any new page involves creating new code from scratch, and altering existing code for other pages.
    • For a long term site, maintenance and modification costs turn out to be a lot more than those of dynamic designs.

Dynamic Designs

Let us now take a look at the younger and newer version of website design.

  • Advantages
    • As all the code is available in one single page, it make modification a lot easier.
    • Dynamic sites present very efficient storage options. Data can be stored in a single database and easily transferred across platforms! Furthermore, by use scripting languages this data can be easily accessed and makes having a Content Management System a definite possibility! (We’ll talk more about this in a bit).
    • Very easily scalable.
  • Disadvantages
    • Initial costs are lot more than for static sites.
    • Compared to static sites, it takes a lot longer to code and implement.
    • For short term or temporary sites, dynamic versions are not worth the effort, time and money!

Content Management Systems (CMS)

As the name suggest, a CMS allows users of any level of technical proficiency to easily manage content, updating, adding and removing it as they please! It’s backend access to website content and can only be implemented in a dynamic design.

We hoped our guide helped you. For more reading material head on over to The Creative Bureau, a top rated digital marketing agency in Gurgaon, and a charming web designing company!

Website optimization: Doing it like a professional website design agency

Creating a website is hard work. Tailoring a website to your client’s exact specifications is harder still. But, website optimization? It’s not hard at all! At least, not if you keep the following in mind! Here to share insights is a professional website design agency – The Creative Bureau.

Before we start, let us first take a look at some examples of a poor website design.

  • Pages that take ages to load
  • Broken links to pages that have long been disabled
  • Unsecured websites
  • Complicated URL links with no logical flow, etc.

Sound familiar? If so, you’ve probably been going through the designs of a poor web designing company. Let us now see how The Creative Bureau does it!

SEO Optimization

Keywords are the backbone of SEO services and as such, a great deal of effort and thought goes into finding the perfect set of words to naturally fit into your content, while drawing customers from search engine result pages to your site!

Whether through Google or competitor sites, identifying keywords is only the first step of the struggle faced by a web designing company that is concerned with optimization. The next stage is keyword utilization. Here are some places you should be using keywords:

  • Content
    Content should be interesting and diligently so across every page on your site. Keywords should be naturally interspersed throughout, without overdoing it! Blogs are great ways to provide SEO services, and calls to action at the end of these articles further function as great traffic generation techniques.
  • Meta
    The most obvious way to use keywords is in page-wise meta titles and descriptions. But often ignored are the header tags! Don’t forget to utilize keywords in that <H1> tag!
  • URLs
    While URLs may also be used to include keywords, it is more important to ensure URL links are readable!

Website Optimization

Done with the SEO services section of optimization, it now falls upon the website design agency to optimize the actual website!

  • Page Loading
    It goes without saying, web pages should load quickly. Within the first 3 seconds at most!
  • Internal Links
    Use content to refer to and include internal links for other pages on your site. It helps navigation and engages viewers.
  • Mobile Responsive
    Smartphone internet browsing has entirely surpassed all forms of internet usage! Today, a good web designing company is determined majorly by the strength of it’s mobile responsive designs.
  • Data Analytics
    Machine learning algorithms, social media metrics, website traffic – call it what you will, it’s data, and it needs to be regularly analyzed to identify the effectiveness of your design. Think of it as a post mortem for your finished design.
  • Security
    Validate your HTML codes, and ensure you are using HTTPS encryption on your site. This will also help you get ranked higher on Google!
  • Navigation
    Site navigation should be clearly visible across every page of your web design, allowing users to navigate to and from internal pages without getting stuck.
  • Sitemaps
    A sitemap is an XML file containing links to every single internal page in your site. While some servers automatically generate sitemaps, a web designing company should be aware of how to generate and upload one. The sitemap will be used by search engine crawlers to find relevant content and rank you on result pages, making it equally crucial to your SEO services.

Head on over for quick tips and detailed techniques on SEO services, and for a glimpse at best practices used by a leading website design agency – The Creative Bureau.