The complete how-to guide on choosing an influencer for social media marketing

Step aside Ryan Gosling, it’s time for our social media marketing influencers to shine! Social media has entirely changed the way we look at fame. While celebrities still hold a dear spot in our heart for the joy their movies and TV shows bring, it’s influencers that create lasting impressions. It’s influencers that we see everyday on our feeds. And it’s influencers who hold the awesome power to sell!

I’m sure you’re aching to get to crux of the matter at hand – on how to pick an influencer that’s just right for your social media marketing, so let’s get straight into it.

Step 1: What do you have in mind?

Before you begin hunting down high profile Instagram accounts, take a moment to clearly define your marketing requirements. What is your end goal? What do you expect your influencer to bring to the table? Are you selling a product? Are you trying to create a social media presence? Are you rebranding? There’s many more questions to consider, but I’m sure you get the gist of it.

Step 2: It’s not you. It’s ‘them’.

Social media marketing is a way to open up your doors to customers, to get a conversation flowing and to show them the warm, welcoming face of your organization. Similarly, when you’re picking an influencer, your focus should lie on what kind of target audience this social media celebrity is popular with, and not on what products he/she has helped sell!

Step 3: How big is their network?

Time for the most interesting bit – stalking influencers! Conduct a thorough background check of your influencer,

  • Ensure there are no morally ambiguous posts in their profile,
  • Gander at the quality of content,
  • Make sure the numbers of followers are sufficiently large, and finally
  • As an added bonus, go through their followers to spot famous personalities that could further help promote your brand indirectly through likes and replies.

Step 4: Name your price!

By now, you should have a set of 4-5 influencers in mind. It’s time to start negotiations. Influencers charge for every aspect of their social media marketing contributions. Here are some of the most common criteria for payment.

  • To like your post
  • To follow your account
  • For sponsored photos
  • For sponsored videos
  • For sponsored tweets

Also don’t forget that post descriptions are counted as a form of microblogging and using keywords can be chargeable under SEO services! Budget accordingly and create a plan for different types of posts you require, and the number of posts you expect to see per week.

There is no defined price range for social media marketing influencers! Top influencers such as Kim Kardashian charge up to $500,000 per post, while some do it free of cost, in exchange for goods and services, as incorporated by Fashion Nova – a popular fashion brand that is hugely successful on Instagram.

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3 best digital marketing campaigns of this year

Most of the year has already gone by. While there are still fair amount of digital marketing campaigns to come by, we are sure that some of the best ones have already arrived on the shore. This year too, brands have tried to root out the cliches, shake the established and do the never-before-done marketing campaigns. Out of thousands of brands only few have raised some eyebrows and grabbed our attention and since the nature of ideas is such that it never shows-up in the darkness, we have mentioned below some of the digital marketing campaigns by a social media marketing company in gurgaon that have been able to make their mark on the people. So get ready to be all inspired

  1. Brand Name: Franklin Templeton Investments

          Campaign name: The marathon of life

The background

Marathon is an evolving culture in cities like mumbai. Each year more and more people enroll in the challenge. With Marathon of life campaign, Mirum (a social media company in gurgaon) took a piggyback ride on the marathon wave.

The challenge

In the campaign marathon was used as a metaphor to convey 6 important qualities that is needed to possess to become a good investor

The Execution

6 stories were woven around the life of 6 people each representing an important quality to make an investment. The six stories had been posted in Facebook page of the Franklin Templeton Investment. Through remarketing technique, it was ensured that stories of all 6 people were viewed by people. On a microsite ,going by the same name,  people were encouraged to write about their own stories.

The Result
The campaign generated 66 million + views, with 30 million video views. #MarathonForLife got trending on twitter.

  1. Campaign: Pepsimoji

   Brand: Pepsi


When pepsi launched  emoji campaign in india, It was recognised that people were receptive to gamification. Thus emojis which is world’s global language were given gamification attributes.

The Execution

During phase 1 of the campaign, The focus was on getting people to get traffic at Pepsimoji microsite. The customers were informed about the contest that was to be taking place through the site

Next, the users were engaged by using the game Pokemon-Go. The people were supposed to collect PepsiMojis to complete the collection set.

Then, A community around the Emojis was attempted by allowing users to trade their extra emojis with each other to complete the set and win prizes

The result

Over 18 million emojis were shared engaging 7 millions + of users. Making the campaign success

  1. The campaign: Sabke liye Mutual Funds sahi hai

    Brand : Mutual Funds

The Background:

To educate indians about mutual funds, the need for personal communication was felt. Rather than broadcasting the message, a friendly tone was chosen that empathised with the individual’s needs, his time, stature in life so that a personal communication could be developed

The Execution

To assume a personal tone colloqualls such as “sahi-hai” was used.   A site was created on mutual funds to create a two way conversation with  user. The technique was to be so much engaging that users wouldn’t leave until they got all their answers.

The result

  • Investment in mutual funds increased by 150%
  • 18 million people visited the site
  • 46 Million users were engaged through social media

Making social media strategy – A how-to guide by a social media agency in gurgaon

Social media could be a powerful tool to promote your business. While other means of promoting your business like using Google Adwords or SEO are important social media has its own place. Social media if done right can increase revenue generation for your company. Besides that, it can be used as a branding tool to attract more customers.  But there are some things you must remember before making a social media strategy.
Your social media strategy should be aligned with your company goals. What that means is that if your company goals are to increase sales in the first quarter, the social media strategy should follow efforts of the company to increase sales because all the horses must pull in the same direction for the cart to move fastest. But how to make such a strategy?

To make such a strategy, follow a social media marketing company in gurgaon

How to make social media related goals

Suppose the management goals are to expand into a new market . Now how could  a social media agency in gurgaon like us, leverage social media?

You can find influencers in that market and build relationships with them so that when your name comes out of their mouth, their consumers will take it seriously.

You could also drive branded content consistently of a particular type through social media for giving your brand a personality

If your goal is to create hype around a new product, you could run social media campaigns to promote product launches.

It is also possible to meet your marketing goals with social media. Let us show you how:

  • To increase brand awareness: Try to increase the number of followers in your social media profiles
  • Want incoming to your website? Focus on increasing referral traffic from social media. Metrics like bounce rate of social media traffic and clicks on posts are important to measure.
  • If generating leads is the priority: Offer your signup form in return for downloadable content. Key performance indicators to measure here are clicks on your lead generation posts and conversion rates from social media
  • Increasing brand engagement: Measure likes, share, comments, mentions and replies.
  1. Converting goals into strategy

Recalling earlier goal of expanding into a new market. Remember we asked to build a relationship with the influencers in the new market? Now breaking that goal into smaller goals would be to

  • Make a list of 50 to 100 influencers
  • Message them directly to talk about being a partner to your goals
  1. Which plan to go with first?

You should prioritize your plans so that maximum resources could go to the best plans.

First, you need to evaluate each tactic according to how much business they will bring. Then, compare it with how much effort they will take. Finally, prioritize tasks that will bring maximum business with least efforts.

How to deal with negative attention on social media

Anyone who has ever been online has known how it feels to be trolled. The pain doesn’t get any less thinking that it was online and that it was not a real conversation. It’s like an arrow piercing the heart right in the middle. While most of the brands don’t genuinely post or comment to invite trolls, but sometimes your brand message may be misunderstood to cause a lot of trolls in your direction. Sometimes users also trolls to get attention. But whatever may be the cause, trolls can really destroy your brand’s reputation. So if you don’t want that to happen, follow tips given by professionals from social media marketing company in gurgaon below:

  1.  Search and destroy

It is completely natural to get negative comments at least once on page you are managing and those ones are easiest to detect and take action against. But what about the ones that are not posted directly on your page or any of the pages you know?

These are the hidden comments that cause most harm to your business. But now You could get warnings about  these comments by Google Alerts or something like Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio.

  1. Be lightning fast

People resort to troll due to many reasons. Some do it because they are not being listened over phone, mail or in store so they shout over social media  to warn their friends off using bad products or services.

But one thing to take away out of this conversation is that you must respond to these negative comments as fast as possible before the matter avalanches to massive proportions resulting  in loss of face for the company as well as the product. ‘

Respond with an open minded and non-judgemental tone. You could enquire about the difficulty they are facing and provide them with an appropriate solution.

  1. Change perspective

The customer’s perspective is significantly different from the manufacturer’s or of the supplier’s because the customer won’t be bothered at which end the difficulty arised. Whether it was the supplier who didn’t deliver or the package was sent to the wrong address. They will just see that the product is not delivered to them on time.

Acknowledge the problem your customers are facing and take appropriate action to fix the


The above tips were by a social media marketing company in gurgaon

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Digital marketing or traditional marketing. Where to spend more?

Markets all over the world have become so complex that for every product available, there is a counter-product that is similar in every aspect including price and quality. In such a scenario how could a manufacturer make his product stand out? Marketing efforts (by the best digital marketing company in Gurgaon) is the answer to this problem. With marketing, you could give your product a unique identity that is not similar to any product in the market.

So far so good. But a new problem arises. How to market your product. Let’s dig deep into the ways then.

Marketing is all about 4 Ps. Product, price, promotion, place. Be it digital marketing or conventional, both have these 4 components common in them because

Product in both the cases must meet a specific customer need

Price too should be equal to the perceived value of the product

When you compare Promotion component of the two types of marketing you would find a bit of difference. That’s because  In traditional marketing promotion occurring is in form of TV, radio advertisements and other offline promotional activities while in digital marketing promotional advertisements are not broadcasted messages but targeted ones, They are usually targeted according to demography and psychographic   

Place in digital marketing is always online and in case of conventional marketing it is brick and mortar stores or physical inventories etc.

Our purpose to compare digital marketing even by the best digital marketing company in Gurgaon with conventional marketing was to establish the similarities and difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing.

Placing your promotional content in the digital space has its own advantages. Suppose you want to target for an ad campaign, youths between 18 – 24 years of age who belong to SEC A. How do you do that in conventional marketing. At best you could give an ad in an English magazine or newspaper meant for the young hoping that someone of that category will read the ad but in online space, you could target a group of people by age, gender, income and even preference. In other words, you can pinpoint your target audience thus you get promising leads.

In traditional marketing, the cost incurring is huge and also this kind of marketing broadly identifies its audience and thus it ends up promoting to a group far wide than it was supposed to.

Again if you can’t identify the group customers right down to individuals in the group you can’t give them customized discounts as well. But in the case of digital marketing you can you can different discounts to different people because of the accuracy tracking ability.

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The 7 most legit 2019 trends for digital marketing companies in India

And just like that, before you even realize, 2018 is gone! It’s time to start packing up yesteryear’s marketing strategies and prepare for a brand new one! As always, the new year brings new trends and practices that need to be closely adhered to, to stand a chance in the competitive landscape of online marketing. The Creative Bureau, a leading digital marketing company in India, presents its findings for 2019.

  1. A New Reality
    Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) based social media marketing practices will takeoff in 2019, as more and more industries start making use of this new technology. We’ve already seen VR and AR tech hit the gaming industry like a freight truck! Social media will be the next target, as VR/AR glasses start making their presence felt on online marketplaces.
  2. Hear Me Roar
    We’ve seen fantastic new approaches to web browsing, the latest of which is voice search! SEO companies need to get a head start on redefining keyword research techniques, as voice will play a huge factor in 2019’s user searches. But that is not all! Voice search functionality will also affect search engines themselves, changing search algorithms and search engine results pages alike.
  3. Mechanical Marvels
    Machine learning has already had a heavy influence on chatbots and customer interaction in general. The coming year will see further emphasis on artificial intelligence, with machine learning algorithms taking on larger responsibilities such as automated meta title and meta description creation, ecommerce activity and other SEO services.
  4. Video > Graphics
    Video content reaches an all time high in user engagement and is expected to completely take over social media posting. 2019 will see a dramatic rise in YouTube based social media marketing and in live streaming on various social media platforms. When video marketing, it is important to remember that you should be selling yourself and not just your products! Keep videos short and interesting – a boring video means a lost customer.
  5. Automated Ad Spending
    Programmatic marketing or automated ad spending, continues to enjoy its time in the spotlight. This form of advertising is stipulated to further spread from ad display networks to social media platforms and mobile apps as well!
  6. Careful, you’re being watched!
    New provisions to intellectual property rights in India and creation of strict regulatory bodies have changed the way customer data is collected from social media companies. It’s time to take a good, long look at your privacy policy – because rest assured, these new government bodies surely will!
  7. Introduce Yourself
    While 2018 saw a clear demarcation between social media marketing and organizational workflow, with companies keeping their social media strategy completely separate from day to day working, 2019 will see rise of more involved marketing strategies. Top brass and CEO’s will start taking to social media platforms, to present a more approachable and human face of their corporation. Keep in mind that social media is all about image, so make sure yours is a friendly one!

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5 Modern trends that web designing companies have seen in 2018

When implemented properly, web development can seem more like art than science. As one of the most unparalleled and crucial digital resources in a company’s arsenal, websites are responsible for creating that first impression customers will forever associate you with! So tasked with this immense responsibility, web designing companies in India have started to build increasingly beautiful, immersive sites.

The Creative Bureau has been creating timeless website solutions for clients across various industries, with help from an expert army of the top web developers in India. We have identified and catalogued the 5 latest trends in modern web design, for your reading pleasure.

  1. Simple. Colourful. Bright!
    2018 saw the reintroduction of bold and bright coloured web designs, but in a much sleeker and creative way than ever before! Web developers in India have started thinking outside the box, using custom shades of colours that span page wide designs. These modern designs generally stick to one single colour per page, using contrasting coloured text to create definition and focus.
  2. It’s moving!
    Moving backgrounds have fascinated web designers since the introduction of animation. But while these animations help give a dynamic and lively feel to your website, they are extremely hard to coordinate, not to mention very bulky! This problem has now been solved with the introduction of particle backgrounds. Website development companies in India are now using animations made in javascript itself, seeing faster loading times and innovative uses of moving backgrounds.
  3. More than responsive!
    For years now, web development has involved creating a web design and that modifying it to be responsive for mobile platforms. However, this process has seen a complete 180 degree change as mobile browsing overtakes web browsing! Web developers in India have now started to give both platforms the attention they deserve, creating entirely different designs and UI for both. It’s not just responsive anymore, it’s mobile first!
  4. Cartooning Around
    Time to put the graphic designers to work! 2018 has brought a huge surge in custom designed, cartoon-like graphics. From homepage banners and section headers to internal page sidelines, cartoon like graphics have found a home in modern web design.
  5. The World Moves Around You
    If there is anything that 2018 has taught us, it’s that the modern customer loves a moving design. On click and on hover mouse actions are further examples of how web design moves around the cursor to create a visual effect of fluidity. While the actual elements do not change in shape or size, they are built to avoid the cursor, pushing their entire boundary around to facilitate this moving motion.

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10 Major mistakes made by website development companies in India

India hasn’t just caught up to the digital revolution affecting industries, it is in fact leading it! Website development companies in India are receiving international acclaim for their creative designs and trend setting development techniques. But, this should come as no surprise! We have always enjoyed the benefits of an extremely strong IT sector and the same can be seen in the workings of expert web developers in India.

Yet while we continue to churn out impressive, modern websites and innovative mobile apps there are a few web designing companies that haven’t received  the memo! Let us take a look at the 10 most common blunders seen across painfully inadequate web designs.

    1. Love at first sight
      Web design agencies should aim to make the customer fall in love with their site at first glance, because for most customers that’s all it takes to create a lasting impression! Your design should be beautifully creative and easy to read. The home page is the most important aspect of your site, don’t clutter it with text and graphics, keep it simple and keep it attractive!
    2. What do you do?
      Within seconds of landing on your site, the user should be completely informed on what it is that you do! Don’t use vague wording and leading text to try to create ‘suspense’ – as this almost always leads to a lost visitor. A good rule of thumb, is to include an about us section within the first scroll.
  • To mobile or not to be
    It goes without saying that a responsive mobile app design for your site is an absolute mandate. Yet we continue to see sites that get cut off, with graphic elements failing to load or blowing up to massive proportions. Your website will be accessed as much, if not more on mobile platforms than on computer systems, so make sure you’ve got your mobile design act together!
  1. What’s taking so long?
    Page loading times taking more than 3 seconds? Say goodbye to your visitors! Keep your graphics light and skip out on some of the heavier features if need be. Anything to cut those page loading times down to 1-3 seconds!
  2. Read you loud and clear
    Font sizes play an equally important role in site development. Web developers in India should test their site to ensure text is readable on both mobile and web platforms. If your font size can’t be enlarged, think about reducing content instead.
  3. Enough with the tabs!
    Does every link on your site open up a new tab? How many tabs do users have open after they’ve gone through your entire site! The answer shouldn’t be more than 1! Where possible, links should redirect to internal pages with a clearly defined sitemap to lead visitors back to the home page.
  4. Hitting all the right buttons
    One of the most annoying things visitors can encounter on a website are buttons that don’t click, buttons that are too small to click or buttons that redirect to incorrect pages! Web developers in India need to pay special attention to actionable items on page, making sure they work across platforms and lead to the correct page!
  5. How do I get in touch?
    Any web designing company should be aware of the importance of creating a call to action. But equally important is the contact us option. This should be available on every page across your site. Don’t make visitors navigate through pages on pages, just to get your contact information.
  6. Planning for the future
    Scalable designs are the one true path to future proofing your website. Accomplished web designers should have no issue creating an architecture that is receptive to new pages and features.
  7. Behind the scenes
    Gone are the days when web developers in India would get requests for static website designs. It is the age of dynamic backends, completely loaded with intuitive Content Management Systems (CMS) to let the user personalize, modify and add to their site as and when needed.

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Disastrous mistakes to avoid in your social media marketing strategy

Though social media marketing has been around for a while, it still does not have a strict set of rules or guidelines for new marketers to follow.  As a leading digital marketing company in India, The Creative Bureau has seen its fair share of marketing mishaps and misinformed rookies.

Fortunately we would like to lend your our social media marketing expertise to prevent you from making such blunders.

  1. Focusing on number of followers
    Most digital marketing companies in India centre goals around gaining millions of followers. To do so they employ giveaways and strategies for temporary followers (eg: follow us for discounts). While these are effective in creating a huge follower base, none of these followers are true customers. Social media platforms require engaging content and active conversation, not just number building practices.
  2. Getting over-involved
    Sometimes the best strategy is to step aside and let events blow over. It does not benefit you to take a stand on every cultural issue, or get involved in every bit of gossip that comes your way. Present yourself as an organization that speaks up when needed. Remember that if you are constantly talking, people will stop paying heed to your words.
  3. Lashing out at negative feedback
    Look at negative feedback as a means of improving yourself. Even if you feel a customer is just posting to besmirch your name, address the issue in a civil and polite manner. Try to understand what led to such a negative response and address it appropriately. Don’t just jump in with an excuse or an apology. Work on it!
  4. Don’t forget to respond to positive feedback!
    When done right, social media marketing can garner lots of praise. Don’t let this get to your head! Take the time to respond to positive feedback, creating a connection with your fan. Most organizations simply leave positive feedback with a standardized message or a like. Go beyond this and show the customer you appreciate them too!
  5. Security Scrambles
    In the wrong hands, your social media accounts can do a lot of harm. Make sure you only give access to those that need it. Social media companies also frequently ask you to change your password after a set time. It is good practise to change your password every time an employee leaves.
  6. Limiting yourself
    Don’t limit your marketing potential by sticking to regular posting times! While all the other digital marketing agencies in India are asleep, try creating campaigns that target a wider global audience. By posting around the clock and even on weekends, you can expand your reach manyfold.
  7. Write. Post. Repeat.
    Just uploading post after post will not help you establish a strong social media presence. Your goal should be to engage audiences, and the only way to do so is by following up on posts. Comment on your posts, reply to visitors and open up the platform for discussion. Start branding yourself as a friendly and open organization, one with more than a cold corporate front.
  8. Failing to analyze
    Social media marketing is only as effective as its results. If you are not tracking analytics at every step along the way, you are just throwing money away! Most social media companies such as Facebook provide their own analytics tools free of cost, so use them!

It’s time to get your social media marketing on point. Head on over to The Creative Bureau for a consultation today!

MUST-SEE guide for web developers in India: Handling difficult clients

We all know that one person who is next to impossible to get along with. No matter what you say, they aren’t willing to listen and no matter what you do, it’s never good enough! Am I striking a bell? Well unfortunately when such a person is your client, there’s not much you can do. For web developers in India unwilling to compromise and take steps to strengthen client side relationships, there lies a tough road ahead!

As a long time practising web designing company, The Creative Bureau has faced numerous such clients. But never once have we ended a relationship on a bad note! So in lieu of hiring a mediator, here is our helpful guide to handling even the most difficult of clients.

  1. Talk more than they do!
    If you consider yourself to be one of the top web developers in India, you need to present yourself as one too! As the creative talent, it should be your job to present clients with ideas and samples to choose from. Keep in mind that besides initial requirement, clients rely solely on your innovative expertise to come up with final designs!
  2. Leave no room for doubt
    It’s a matter of pride for web designing companies to get their design approved on the first try itself, but this is not always possible! When you discuss the required changes and rework to design, make sure to get clarifications on the spot, while the topic is still fresh in mind. Pay special attention to client remarks, as ignoring these will just lead to further rework.
  3. Stick to the plan
    Organize yourself by creating a detailed timeline of deliverables and follow ups. Explain clearly to your client that you will require a fixed resource from their side to be available from start to finish. Having a person on their end to continuously coordinate with your team of web developers, will foster a smooth flowing operation.
  4. Build suspense!
    Even though you’re working on a project dear to your client, they will not actually think of it as their own until they see the final result. As the weeks roll by, their interest will fade and follow ups will become scarcer. It is your job to keep them motivated, by giving them regular updates and having your development team explain the wonderful features you are planning to incorporate. Create a sense of excitement. The more eager they are to see the final product, the faster you will be able to complete it!
  5. Two-way Communications
    Communication is a two way street, and this is something that clients don’t always understand. If you’re not able to get in touch with clients, try escalating the situation with higher ups in the organization via emails and phone calls. Just remember to keep your tone polite and respectful. Remind them how important regular follow ups are to building a beautiful site and how delays in communication can delay final outcome as well.

Don’t lose your cool, handle those clients like a true professional. For more interesting reads on the top web developers in India and their antics, head on over to The Creative Bureau at: