Tent Card

Tent Cards are perfect for easy, inexpensive and quick face-to face or direct marketing with onlookers. Making catchy tent cards and leaving them on tables lets your audience catch up to what you’ve been doing while they sit down to eat or rest. If placed right in front of the public, your cards are bound to be looked at. At The Creative Bureau we help you turn your content and ideas into an innovatively crafted design that is sure to be noticed.

What Is A Tent Card?

Tent Cards are an extremely versatile hands-on marketing tool which can be used for both commercial and personal purposes. These nifty works can creatively endorse your products, offers, services, or even simple information with regard to just about everything. They help reach out to a wide populace with ease since they can be put up pretty much anywhere, especially on tables where they are bound to be noticed.

Examples of Tent Card

What Do We Give You?

We provide you with a wide range of designs and colour palettes that can be specially customized to create a tent card in accordance with your personal needs and requirements. Our team provides you with a variety of high quality work and evocative designs with a fine finish, perfect to intrigue your target audience and customers. We make sure to structure them in the most optimum manner so as to give a provocative message through minimalistic and attractive templates, guaranteed to catch the viewer’s eye.

Why Do You Need A Tent Card?

Tent cards are your best opportunity to engage up-close and personal with your audience. At The Creative Bureau we help you endorse your business, brand, product, service or anything else by creating stunning and fascinating tent cards which will compel passerbys to have a second look.

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