Website Development

Your website is the first stop in a buyer’s journey.

At The Creative Bureau we help you go through all the phases of Website Development with ease in order to develop an innovative and quality website/web portal.

Phases of Development:

  • INFORMATION GATHERING: The first step in website creating is defining the purpose, goals and target audience of your page. The next step is to start creating communicable content which will make the site.
  • PLANNING: Creating a sitemap, website structure, and figuring out the technologies to use will help create an advanced user interface that makes it easy to navigate through your website.
  • DESIGN: Getting the right design while optimizing the user experience is done by designing and de-fining. We believe that a good design is a good business and with this belief we aim to bring along marketing gripping content and design to boost and develop brand identity.
  • DEVELOPMENT: We get down to the technical part of developing your site design with templates, Images, prototypes and Database driven functions within the site.
  • TESTING & DELIVERY: We test your site design to its breaking point with a Beta version of site and internal testing to provide you with Quality Assurance (QA).
  • MAINTAINENCE: Once your web site is operational, ongoing promotion, technical maintenance, content management & updating, site visit activity reports are needed on a regular basis, depending on the complexity of your website and the needs within your organization.

How we do it?

  • Concept|digital marketing company in gurgaon


  • Design|digital marketing company in gurgaon


  • Coding|digital marketing company in gurgaon


  • Testing|digital marketing company in gurgaon


  • Launch|digital marketing company in gurgaon



Increased Customers|digital marketing company in gurgaon

Increased Customers

User-Friendly|digital marketing company in gurgaon


Access to Business Information|digital marketing company in gurgaon

Access to Business Information

More Tech|digital marketing company in gurgaon

More Tech

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